Litentry book

Credit Computation

The three-layer credit computation infrastructure

Litentry has established a three-layer credit computation infrastructure where Identity data evolves from a disordered, scattered state to a low-entropy, structured state. In the Litentry credit computation network, there are three core layers that establish a verifiable, privacy-enhancing identity credit computation process. Being:
  1. 1.
    Source data layer. The source platforms of the data obtained by our identity analysts, such as Etherscan, The Graph, Onfinality and other data providers.
  2. 2.
    Address analysis layer. It mainly serves as an external server that provides data analysis, such as Nansen, Chainalysis, our upcoming product Litentry Whitelisting and other address analysis platforms.
  3. 3.
    Identity aggregation layer. Litentry generates address relations belonging to the same identity, and then obtains the corresponding address analysis data from the address analysis layer, and carries out the weighted computation.
As an identity aggregator, Litentry focuses on providing credible and accurate aggregated identity data. What Litentry mainly does in the layer is to:
  • Obtain identity scores from multiple data analysis platforms and aggregate them;
  • Compute the aggregate identity score according to the customizable weighting algorithm;
  • Encrypt the data and shield computation with TEE to enhance privacy.