fn issueToken(to, identity_id, cost, data, datatype, expired)

Issue a token of an owned identity to certain account.

  • to: AccountID, the future owner of the token
  • identity_id: Hash, the id of the identity who issue the token
  • cost: Balance, the transfer cost of the token
  • data: byte, The data stored in the token
  • data_type: byte, the type of the data represent in byte
  • expired: byte, which define the expired date of the token


fn registerIdentity()

Register a new identity for this account.


fn registerIdentityWithId(identity_id)

Register a new Identity with existed identifier as Identity ID, this is useful when register a third party devices or services. For example, a user buy a new IoT camera, there could already exist a identifier on the back of device reserved for the buyer.

  • identity_id: Hash, the identifier to be used as identity ID


fn transferToken(to, token_id)

Transfer a owned token to another account

  • to: AccountId, the future owner of the token
  • token_id: Hash, the ID of the transferred token