Litentry is a second layer protocol and infrastructure based on Substrate. It focuses on Identity of person and IoT devices, and the authorization and permissions granted by the Person or IoT devices.

The objective of Litentry is to

  1. make it possible for any third-party to allow users to access the their website or offline services using an Substrate Account ID as an identifier or an access token. It based on Substrate so it could easily integrated cross chain nature of Polkadot Network. So it could connect with either the existed Blockchain ecosystem like Ethereum and Substrate.

  2. Get back the control of user access history and privacy data generated in using the app or the service, a user is able to store these encrypted identity information locally or on a authorized cloud service.

  3. Share the identity anonymously between different platforms, a user do not need to create multiple accounts in order to use different services, and prevent these services for building user profile.

  4. The protocol includes the authentication of IoT devices, which helps the organization and person to implement easy identity access management.