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Transfer LIT from parachain to Ethereum

The token bridge allows you to transfer your LIT token from Litmus Network into the Ethereum network as well.
You can access our token bridge functionality by visiting

An introduction to the Token Bridge

Please refer to Token Bridge


This guide takes Litmus => Ethereum parachain as example, it also applies to Litentry => Ethereum parachain token bridge usage. You only need to switch to the corresponding network in the webapp.
Congratulations! You have successfully transferred your LIT token from Litmus to Ethereum.
You can check if the transaction was successful by checking on Etherscan and the statescan blockchain explorer.
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    Currently, the commission is set to be 10 LIT. It's calculated based on the average gas fee on Ethereum and the number of Ethereum transactions required for a token bridge transfer. It can be queried via chainBridge.bridgeFee from polkadot-js. The Token Bridge Commission page has more information about how the fee is calculated.
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    The waiting time normally takes around 5-10 minutes but varies depending on the network traffic condition of the Ethereum network.