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FAQ for identity owners

This page discusses frequently asked questions. Please do not hesitate to get in touch via discord when you're running into trouble.

Who is the team behind 'My Crypto Profile' (MCP)?

'My Crypto Profile' is a product by Litentry. Litentry is a Decentralized Identity Aggregator that enables linking user identities across multiple networks. It provides a secure vehicle through which users manage their identities and dApps obtain real-time DID data of an identity owner across different blockchains.

In what stage is the product?

MCP is currently in a Proof of Concept & Product-Demo stage. As a user you are a true pioneer & trailblazer. The blockchain implementation in this version is replaced by a self-hosted centralised server. Once the product proved its market fit, the infrastructure will be migrated to the Litentry blockchain. 
In our current demo you will get the chance to explore and experience the power of aggregated identity data in Phalaworld. Once our product vision is fully implemented your Identity Graph will be secured behind a strong layer of encryption enabling us to unlock powerful new use cases that require more sensitive personal identity data.

Who will be able to read my identity data?

No one will be able to read your identity data unless you authorise them to do so. The data will not be used for other purposes than the ones you authorise to. The data we aggregated is already public data living on open source data sources like blockchains or twitter timelines. My Crypto Profile functions as a middle layer between the identity owner and the dApp, it aggregates the requested data from the network in real time and transmits it to the dApp. Apart from public identity metadata, My Crypto Profile will not store any user identity data. The identity metadata is required to locate the public data from the open web in real time an provide it to the dApp when you authorise it.

Where & how is my data stored?

The Beta version of MCP currently processes the identity metadata, required to form your ID graph, through the centralised My Crypto Profile database. There are two parts of the identity metadata. Namely the identity proof and the identity graph. We store the identity proofs on IPFS and the ID graph in our database. Over time we will migrate this process to the Litentry blockchain and store the identity metadata data in the Litentry TEE (trusted execution environment).

Are there any risks involved in linking identity data?

In the crypto industry there are risks involved when a user is unknowingly exposing or linking identity data that allows the user to become identifiable (e.g. Name & location) and to be related to specific wallet addresses. If you are not operating anonymously or pseudonymously we want you to consider the implications and risks of linking identifiable data to wallets with high monetary value. We urge you to practice great wallet hygiene and divide your public & private wallets from one another if you think this applies to you.

How do I delete my profile?

You are able to delete your profile by removing each separate identity link. By deleting your last identity, or your main address, you will have deleted your complete profile. There will be no remaining data stored in our system.

What identity data will a dApp be able to read?

In a data request a dApp will only be able to read the authorised Identity subjects (See ID subjects) you are sharing with the dApp or requester, the dApp will not see your identity metadata - your Web3 addresses and Web2 accounts aside from the Web 3 address you are using to login with the dApp. All other addresses and accounts in your ID graph will stay hidden.

What is an Identity Subject?

An Identity Subject can be viewed as a label or tag that applies to your identity. When your verifiable on-chain credentials matches the logic behind our 'Identity Subjects' the Identity Subject will become applicable or applied to your profile as part of your identity data.

What can I do with my Identity Graph?

Over time the potential of your Identity Graph will grow as more and more projects will use an aggregated identity. You will be able to receive a customised, tailored or optimised user experience when authorising a dApp to request your identity information.

Can I still display my NFT's on twitter via My Crypto Profile?

Yes, this feature is functional. The current Beta version of our product will highlight the functionality of an Identity Graph in the game: Phalaworld. In the next versions of our product we will offer a comprehensive ID dashboard which over time will include NFT functionalities.

Can I have multiple profiles on 'My Crypto Profile'?

Yes you can. Keep in mind that once a common address or account (e.g. Wallet address, twitter account..) is presented in two different ID graphs, these ID graphs will be merged and become one, and the data in your two profiles will merge as well along as the profile configurations.

Can I create my own Identity Subjects as a dApp?

We happily welcome Web3 projects and dApp to get in touch to create their own Identity Subjects and offer an optimised and personalised experience to their users. Please get in touch through [email protected] or contact us on Discord to start the conversation.

Can I use aggregated identities for the users of my own dApp?

We are happy to discuss any potential partnerships. Please send us an email at [email protected] to get in touch.