Schemas designed for clients

When building dApps one of the biggest issues is querying data from the blockchain. To build a UI to show rich data from an account you would need to query every single block on the chain which would take days, if not weeks. This is simply unfeasible for a client as the data needs to be served instantly. By using idempotent blockchain data indexers we can provide realtime data in a format designed for clients.

Aggregated data from a range of networks

Using Litentry Graph you can query data from multiple Substrate networks as well as Ethereum and BSC (we will be adding more networks soon). This is particularly useful for forming a bigger picture of your identity across the wider ecosystem of decentralised blockchain networks.

Convenience for native apps

On platforms where WASM isn't supported the Polkadot API can be very difficult to work with. Litentry Graph allows you to offload burden and simply query the data from us.