Litentry SDK

Github Repository:

This library provides useful functions to interact with the state on Litentry and user identity data related IPFS Storage.

It helps developer to build client side decentralized applications

Getting Start

yarn add litentry-sdk

Import for start using it, SDK mainly includes three part, hooks, query and ipfsApi

import {hooks, query, ipfsApi} from 'litentry-sdk';

React Hooks for Litentry

//Api loading State
hooks.useApi(): boolean

//Get Identities, use updatedIndex to force refresh
hooks.useIdentities(account: string, updateIndex: number): string[]

//Get Identity current owned tokens
hooks.useTokens(identityHash: string): string[]

//Get the owner of the token 
hooks.useTokenOwner(tokenHash: string): string

//Get account balance of LTT 
hooks.useBalance(account: string): string

//Help async function for query issuer Identity of the token
hooks.getTokenIdentity(tokenHash: string): Promise<string>]

//Help async function for getting the last issued identity
hooks.getLastIdentity(account: string): Promise<string | void>

// react hooks for using native extrinsics on Litentry
hooks.useExtrinsics(): {
  	registerIdentity: SubmittableExtrinsicFunction<'promise'>;
  	issueToken: SubmittableExtrinsicFunction<'promise'>;

Identity Data Query

Identity data are stored in the IPFS network and cached in Litentry GraphQL data server.

functions to query the latest data on IPFS:

ipfsApi.getAddress(identity: string): Promise<string | null>

ipfsApi.getData(identityId: string): Promise<string[]>

ipfsApi.registerIdentity(identity: string): void

functions to construct query http request from GraphQL:

query.getData(identity: string): string

query.setData(identity: string, data: string): string

query.method(methodName: string, identity: string): string