Developer Documentation
This content will be completed soon after the launch of our second Alpha version.
Welcome to the MCP API. Here dApp developers can find all the documentation you need to interact with MCP and get your required user data. Kindly note that MCP is in PoC Stage that all the features will be host by centralised servers maintained by the Litentry team.
You can use the API to query user's aggregated identity data based on their ID graphs. For every data request, the API will return a collection of data results without the ID Graph Data, which means that dApps cannot see the original address and ID of user, but only the identity data belonging to the user. This is to protect user privacy from ID graph leaks that can cause permanent privacy breach. In MCP, each data request execution must be under User Authorization.
MCP uses its own Subject Repo as a knowledge-base for devs to get subjectId for all the identity data it supports.
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