Litentry Doc

Run tests

You might want to try out the pre-written tests locally.

run ts-tests locally

To run the ts-tests (the test under ts-tests/ folder) locally, similar to launching the networks, it's possible to run them in either docker or binary mode:
make test-ts-docker-litentry
# if on Linux
make test-ts-binary-litentry
# otherwise
./scripts/ litentry path-to-polkadot-bin path-to-litentry-parachain-bin
Be sure to run the clean-up afterwards.
The make test-ts-* command above will also launch the dev network before running the test, so you don't have to do it again.
If you already have a running network, simply run ./scripts/ to execute ts-tests.

run runtime integration test

There're also integration tests for Litmus and Litentry runtime which are written in rust. To run them:
# for Litmus
cargo test --release -p litmus-parachain-runtime --lib
# for Litentry
cargo test --release -p litentry-parachain-runtime --lib