Litentry Doc


An introduction to the Litentry IdentityHub

What is the IdentityHub (IDHub)?

The IdentityHub is the interface to the protocol and front-end product of Litentry. It functions as a decentralized Web3 personal data management tool. Designed for users to aggregate and manage their data among blockchains and decentralized storage systems and provide data access to 3rd party dApps to maximize personal identity value without compromising privacy & anonymity. The IdentityHub is the platform where users and projects can discover the value of identity data together. Projects can define their data requirements and attract their perfect user or audience in return for a benefit in the form of product personalization, early access, social impact, or other identity-based incentives. The IdentityHub is also an experimental playground for new social and economic innovations based on privatized identity data. It functions as a showcase of the Litentry Protocol, SDK, and its privacy-preserving identity technology.

3 functions of the IdentityHub

  • As an interface to the underlying Litentry Protocol, it offers features such as privacy-preserving identity linking, proving account ownership, and issuing privacy-preserving verifiable credentials based on the underlying digital data of the linked accounts.
  • As a gateway, it offers web3 products and services several ways and methods to guide its users in leveraging granular identity details to unlock a better product experience.
  • As a platform, it provides an environment where the web3 entrepreneur and digital identity owner meet to define the value of identity and can exchange data and benefits with one another.

The problem the IdentityHub (IDHub) solves

IdentityHub is a solution to the violation of user data rights and privacy breaches. It allows users to control who can access their data without revealing their personally identifiable information or root accounts. When a dApp uses IDHub to access user data, it is following the correct process for protecting user data rights. On the other hand, if users create identities on IDHub, they can be assured of their data rights. The IDHub protects personal data rights and restores an anonymous yet richly identifiable pseudonymous web browsing experience.