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Build parachain

How to build our parachain manually
Similar to polkadot, different chain-specs/runtimes are compiled into one single binary. In our case it's:
  • litmus-parachain-runtime (on kusama)
  • litentry-parachain-runtime (on polkadot)
  • rococo-parachain-runtime (on rococo)

build parachain manually

  1. 1.
    make sure cargo is installed, preferably via rustup
  2. 3.
    cd litentry-parachain
To build the litentry-parachain raw binary manually:
make build-node
To build the litentry/litentry-parachain docker image manually:
make build-docker
To build the litentry-parachain runtime wasm manually:
make build-runtime-litentry
The wasms should be located under target/release/wbuild/litentry-parachain-runtime/
Similarly, use make build-runtime-litmus to build the litmus-parachain-runtime.

pre-built docker images

You can find all the parachain images on the github release page or directly on docker hub. Among them, litentry/litentry-parachain:latest is pushed by our github CI and should always contain the latest stable build from the default branch.

pre-built binary releases

You can find all the pre-built binary releases on the github release page.
The binary releases are only built for x64 Linux platforms, to get a binary for other platform, you have compile it manually.