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Glossary of Terms

Auction (Parachain)
Parachain auctions are how non-common-good parathreads win a slot to become a parachain
Aggregated Identity
An identity that consists of multiple data streams from web3 & web2 accounts and platforms.
A mechanism which works in some sense as the reverse of a Treasury Proposal, allowing the Polkadot Council to indicate that there is a need to do some task for the Polkadot network and allowing users to receive DOT in return for working on that task.
Council (Polkadot)
An on-chain entity that consists of several on-chain accounts. The Council can act as a representative for "passive" (non-voting) stakeholders.
Decentralised Identity
An identity that consists of multiple decentralised data points across web3 platforms and blockchains. A D-ID is managed and accessed by decentralised applications.
The process of determining what changes to the network are permissible, such as modifications to code or movement of funds. The governance system in Polkadot is on-chain and revolves around stakeholder voting.
Identity Owner
The user who has provided access to his various accounts and in this way creates his aggregated identity.
Identity Subject
A label added to the the users aggregated identity determined by their on-chain credentials. e.g. 'Longterm Holder'
A non-fungible token is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain.
A vote on whether or not a proposal should be accepted by the network. Referenda may be initiated by the Governance Council, by a member of the public, or as the result of a previous proposal.
After a user injects their information on-chain, they can request judgement from a registrar.
Registrars can set a fee for their services and limit their attestation to certain fields.
(to) Second (Polkadot)
Agreeing to a proposal by putting up tokens equal to the original bond
Completing tasks to earn tokens
Treasury (Polkadot)
The Treasury is an account that accumulates funds by inflation as well as by taking a portion of transaction fees and slashes.