VCMP Extrinsic, Events, and Error Events

VCMP Extrinsics

VCMP extrinsic is critical to ensuring the security, privacy, and usability of verifiable credentials. The common VC management extrinsic includes request, issuance, verification, revocation, and management. Below are the Litentry VCMP extrinsics and their callers:

  • request_vc - VC is requested onchain- called by the user

  • disable_vc- VC is disabled onchain- called by the user

  • revoke_vc - VC is revoked onchain- called by the user

  • vc_issued - VC is issued - called by the TEE

VCMP event

VCMP events are the different events that occur during the lifecycle of a verifiable credential, such as its creation, issuance, revocation, and update. These events are important for ensuring the integrity and trustworthiness of the VC.

By tracking these events, issuers and credential holders can ensure that their verifiable credentials are up-to-date and accurate. Here are some of our VCM events:

  • VCRequested

  • VCDisabled

  • VCRevoked

  • VCIssued

    • Account

    • VCIndex

    • VC (by AES encrypted with User Shielding Key)

VCMP error event

A VCMP Event can be explained as any unexpected situation or issue that occurs during the process of issuing, managing, and using a VC.

It is crucial to address these errors to ensure the integrity and security of the VC management pallet. This can be achieved through implementing proper error handling mechanisms and protocols and regularly monitoring and updating the system to prevent errors from occurring in the first place. Some of the VC errors that can be encountered include:

  • VCNotExist - the ID doesn't exist

  • VCAlreadyExists - the VC already exists

  • VCSubjectMismatch - The requester doesn't have permission (because of subject mismatch)

  • VCAlreadyDisabled - The VC is already disabled

  • HttpRequestFailed - { reason: ErrorString }

  • RequestVCHandlingFailed

  • ParseError

  • Assertion1Failed,

  • Assertion2Failed,

  • Assertion3Failed,

  • Assertion4Failed,

  • Assertion5Failed,

  • Assertion6Failed,

  • Assertion7Failed,

  • Assertion8Failed,

  • Assertion10Failed,

  • Assertion11Failed,

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