Rules of IDHub v0.8

The following are the rules of IDHub v0.8. Users are advised to carefully read and abide by them while interacting with the IDHub.

  1. Season Duration and Scoring

1.1 Season Duration: Each season will last approximately one month. To ensure a fair competitive environment, the unified score will be reset at the season's conclusion.

1.2 Exclusive Benefits: Users can unlock exclusive benefits based on their placement in the unified score rankings (only when their point total is greater than 0). These benefits will be awarded at the conclusion of each season.

1.3 Display of Rankings: Rankings will be visible on the platform and updated at the close of each season. Users can view their current position and compare it with others on the platform.

1.4 Reset of Rewards and Benefits: The unified score ranking, along with associated rewards and exclusive benefits, will be reset at the end of each season. New rewards and exclusive benefits will be available for the upcoming season.

  1. Unified Score and Reward System

2.1 Unified Score: The unified score aggregates points from each profile, taking into account factors such as user activity, engagement, and reputation. You can generate any credentials to accumulate unified scores. To maintain a fair competitive environment, the unified score will be adjusted downwards based on the user's ranking at the end of each season.

2.2 Rewards: Rewards may include tokens, access to premium features, NFTs, and more. Rewards are based on the user's unified score and can be claimed once the requisite score threshold is met. However, each reward level is subject to availability and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

  1. General Tasks

3.1 Account Linking: You can link a Web3 account across different chains or Web2 accounts to earn scores. Note that scores can be earned only once per type of account linked.

3.2 Referrals: Invite your friends to join IdentityHub. Once they generate credentials, you will earn scores based on their activities.

3.3 Daily Check-In: Earn a set amount of scores daily by clicking the “Check-In” button. Check-ins reset at UTC 0:00 each day, allowing you to earn scores again.

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