API of data server

Live Server:

The Litentry API behavior as a middle layer connects the runtime module and frontend applications for users.

API Design

It mainly includes:

  • Event listener and off-chain caching server: With cached data it reduces the query load on the blockchain, furthermore, it saves the caching data on the centralized database in order to improve the speed of application-based blockchain query, like Infura for Ethereum. A relay script server is also built here, to automatically trigger an event on periodically regarding block generation.

  • IPFS caching server: especially for the large data from IPFS, the server will caching the data to the server.

  • GraphQL validation and query server: validate the authorization tokens with HTTPS request for IoT devices or application.

  • Javascript binding library: The javascript binding library will directly connect the front-end applications with Blockchain, for example, React or React Native applications.

Info Server Architecture