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My Crypto Profile

An introduction to My Crypto Profile

What is My Crypto Profile (MCP)?

My Crypto Profile (MCP) is a decentralized Web3 personal data management tool designed for users to aggregate and manage their personal data among blockchains and decentralised storage systems and provide data access to 3rd party dApps to maximise personal identity value without compromising privacy & anonymity.
In the future our platform will use Litentry’s Identity Registrar technology to enpower the account verification process which is secured by cryptographic challenges. My Crypto Profile aims to become the gateway to Web3 from the current web and fill in the gap between centralized platforms and decentralized platforms by providing more comprehensive, diverse and convenient identity linking services.

Our vision

We are slowly waking up from an unconscious exchange. For over a decade we became accustomed to free internet services and the monetisation of our attention, all built on top of our own personal data. Our anger over privacy breaches was met with cumbersome data protection regulations feeding us 🍪🍪🍪 everyday. 
What if we could change the order of personal data usage completely? 
In Web3 we’ll pay a fee for every transaction that offers us a service that doesn’t take our personal data hostage. There is an opportunity to reorganise the usage of personal data without sacrificing personal data rights, and in this way make the value of data bigger than ever.

The problem My Crypto Profile (MCP) solves

MCP is tackling the problem of the current Web2 services violating user data rights and breaching privacy, the solution it provides re-builds the order of user data usage in the web, in which users get to control who can access their data without revealing their original identities, and service providers provide users with targeted services based on the personal data authorised by users. When a dApp uses MCP to access user data, it's following the right order that protects user's data rights, the other way around, if users build identities in MCP, they can be guaranteed with personal data rights, and that would be the original power of MCP to attract more dApps to join the ecosystem.
My Crypto Profile preserves personal data rights and the restoration of Anonymous yet richly Identifiable web browsing experience.

Proof of Concept

MCP project will start from PoC stage which will replace the blockchain implementation with self-hosted centralised server. Once the product proved its market fit, the infrastructure will be migrated to the Litentry blockchain.

Our Roadmap

Our current roadmap is focused on the next 3-6 months and covers the shift from a centralised proof of concept towards a trustless decentralised service that provides verifiable credentials for cross chain identity owners. The MCP framework needs to run on the Litentry blockchain, a decentralised identity aggregation protocol that supports privacy computation. The core components are the MCP Client and the Litentry Blockchain.
Q2 2022: 3-6 month Roadmap.